Architecture is Competitive


stairs-bookcaseRecently a client came to us because they are expanding their business into a related but separate niche.

I building design company was adding a fully fledged architecture department or team and so although they were already dominating the search results in Brisbane for building design, this new site would initially be nowhere in the architecture relevant keywords.

Our solution was to create a similar but separate website for the new business and then to intentionally redirect specific links from the old site to the new where it was more relevant to architecture. This meant that we could quickly move genuine links and traffic from sources that when you were working to the new site (The new Brisbane architect is Jamin Architecture).

Of course we also explored more architecture specific places and connections for the new business and began our usual process of developing real links and pathways to the new site.

The effect has not been as quick as we had hoped however it is starting to show some dividends now. As with all things SEO it’s really quite difficult to predict the timeframes but what we do know is that do it properly it needs to be consistent and genuine.


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