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The phone apps our team couldn’t live without

OK, maybe that’s stretching it a bit, but seriously, these apps make our lives so much easier (and enjoyable), so we wanted to share them with you.

asana100Asana Project Management:  Our team is spread about between Brisbane, Sydney and London and we work with professionals smattered around the globe.  Paul loves Asana because he’s all the way over in London and Asana is a brilliant real-time, collaborative project and team management platform.  We all love it, in no small part because it is email-free!  See where projects are up to, who’s done what, what’s next and when… all in one spot – the palm of your hand!

The Google Family:  We all named Google apps among our must-haves.  Google Maps, Gmail, Google Calendars… And before you ask.. no, we’re not all Android groupies.  (Though some of us are).  In fact, even the Jobs Devotees on our team are big fans of all the Google apps and have them on their iPhones…  It’s not weird or kinky, we promise.  It’s just that they’re pretty awesome.

googledrive100Now we know you’re not supposed to pick favourites when it comes to family, but we do love Google Drive maybe just a little bit more than the others.  Why?  Let us list the ways …  Real-time collaboration on documents, spreadsheets, presentations with some, or all of your team.  You can see who else is adding what and where, as they’re doing it.  It tracks all of the changes that have been made, who they were made by and when, and you can choose to undo or redo all of those as you like.  Chat with each other at the same time.  From your phone!  Love.

currents100Mel is more than a little in love with Google Currents.   It collates all of your favourite blogs, news sources, publishers and subscriptions into what is really a beautiful, personalised magazine in your phone.  It’s like having your own publishing team working to put together your very own edition of all your favourite stuff for you everyday.  Travelling? Guess what, it will follow where you are and add in stories that might interest you.  And you can star anything you like to save it and read or refer back to later. Love love love.

beyondpod100BeyondPod:  If you listen to a lot of podcasts, you’re going to thank us for letting you know about this simple yet addictive little app for managing and listening to podcasts.  Good Funny Smart Co-Founder Dave really loves this app, mainly because it includes 1.5 and 2x speed listening.  (This basically confirms the rest of the team’s suspicions that he really is some kind of high-functioning cyborg).

pixlr express100We’re visual people, and we love stuff that looks great! Our Co-Founder Sam loves Pilxr Express, a photo app that’s basically like having a photoshop pro in your pocket.  And it’s so easy to use.   You can make your photos look amazing so quickly – take out red eyes, whiten teeth, soften lines, change focal points, add filters, add effects, add text, create collages in any number of different layouts.  It’s great for work and play.

typic+100When it comes to managing pics,  Sam also loves Typic Pro+.
It’s easy to use and has a great selection of fonts available for adding text to create stunning images, anywhere, anytime.



evernote100Dan’s mind barely stops, so Evernote is one app that he’s in every day to make sure he captures every bold new idea, question or inspiration as it strikes.  You can store all the stuff you want to remember and go back to later – websites, clippings, images, audio, collaborate with others and sync everything to all of your devices



Well they’re a few of our faves. So we’d love to know – what are your must have apps?


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