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With the advent of social media channels like facebook and twitter, many businesses have either reduced their regular email correspondence with clients and subscribers significantly or pay it less attention.  While it’s true that nobody likes to have their inbox spammed with irrelevant material, enewsletters can prove to be a powerful tool for converting interested followers to into paying customers when used strategically.

You’ve no doubt noticed that as a personal user, facebook gives people the ability to really tailor the newsfeed.  If you manage a facebook page however, you have probably noticed that facebook is regularly changing the way it determines post reach, that is, how many people it decides are going to see the updates, images and links you post to your facebook page.  So unless you have a good strategy in place (and even then), you’re not going to get 100% of the people who have liked your page to see everything you post.

To make sure that your followers are seeing critical communication pieces like sales or limited time special offers, we recommend that you consider doing a regular enewsletter.  It doesn’t have to be often – it might only be once a month depending on the type of content you’re wanting to communicate, but as you build your list of subscribers you can ensure that you’re getting important info to those who want it.

When used in conjunction with a solid social media strategy, enewsletters have some great advantages:

*Social channels can communicate general updates and conversational interaction, whereas subscribers can know that emails are likely to include offers, promotion and specials not necessarily seen on the facebook page

*Interaction and engagement with enewsletters (eg, opens and clicks and reports over time) is fully transparent through reporting tools included in the packages.  Many enewsletter platforms such as MailChimp are free, powerful and extremely easy to use.

*You have greater control over subscriber information and visibility about details that can help you understand your market better

*You can create a sense of value in being a subscriber through enews-only offers

If you’d like to find out more about building a database and sending  regular enewsletters to boost your communications, talk to us today. We can either help get you set up for manage it for you.

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