Business Networks: Working Together Works

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We’ve all been in them! Chamber of Commerce? Business Networks? But do they really ever help?

We think we have found an approach that does … the Build in Brisbane network is a group of 10-12 local businesses in a niche who have pooled resources to build a centralised website and social media resources. The group are connected by working together (not everyone has worked with everyone) and is an invite only online directory.

The idea is that in the building industry, most clients need a range of services and they don’t always know where to focus their attention or what needs to be done when. The network aims to provide a one-stop shop for anyone renovating or building in Brisbane.

A network member can suggest to their clients that by visiting the site, they can find most of the contractors they will need for their project and be assured that their peers are at least willing to promote them as competent professionals.

Check out the network at Build in Brisbane.

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