What we can learn from Ellen’s selfie that broke Twitter

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Ellen really got her tweet on at The Oscars…so much so that selfie she took with some of the biggest names in the business actually broke Twitter.  Well, for a little while anyway.

The image has become the most retweeted image ever on the social network, currently at over 3 million and counting…

It might appear a bit of random fun, but was it?  Let’s take a look at what we can learn from it to benefit your business and your brand.


ellen#1 We all love to feel included

This photo was of the big guns, the Hollywood glitterati.  Brangelina, Ellen, Spacey, JLaw.  And for a brief moment, we, the average punters watching these untouchable people in this ethereal world from our TVs, laptops for phones, got to see them acting just like us… excited to be at a party and all dressed up, and doing the lean-in-and-hug for the camera.  And that makes us feel connected to them.

Then, while we’re all in that moment of wow-they-are-just-like-us, Ellen goes one step further and talks directly to us, encouraging us to retweet the image – essentially, she invited us to be part of their moment.  And BAM, the first million Twitter users say “Yes, I want to be part of that!” and retweet the image.

So, don’t just talk to your followers about your business and why it’s so great, or the latest product offers you have.  Share candid snapshots with them, of what you and your team are doing.  Make them feel connected and let them see the real people behind the business.  It will develop stronger connections to your brand.


Click on the photo to see the stars coming together for the Twitter-crashing selfie.

#2 We love to see people getting amongst it

One of the reasons this selfie worked was because it was taken at a major event that people love to watch (and that most of us can’t actually be part of).

You may not be able to attend The Oscars, but perhaps you’ve been invited to an exclusive industry event or conference.  Don’t just tell your followers about it – show them what a blast you’re having at it!  And even if you think it’s something people might not be interested in, find something they will connect with – something you learned, fun people you’re meeting, the great food you’re having – and share that.  Let your followers get to know your people and invite your followers to respond with experiences or pics of their own.  

#3 Product Placement!

Image Tumblr mishawinsexsterCheck out the photo taken from afar… the world got a very clear view of the the Samsung phone Ellen used to take the famous selfie … Coincidence?  Let’s just highlight that her followers on Twitter noted from other shots she shared during the night that she was right back to using her iPhone almost straight away… So, as Mashable has pondered…did Samsung just pull off the boldest product placement move ever?  Quite possibly, whether it was calculated or not.

So, if you’re attending events, or out and about and have an opportunity to weave together the everyday, real life stuff you’re doing and can showcase your product or service, or happy customers etc at the same time, then that is a win!

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Source:  Mashable

Images: Twitter.  GIF: Mashable – Tumblr, mishawinsexster

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