Fixing Bad Backlinks to Your Website (SEO)

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Zabik ODL 2010_98Sometimes You Have to Start Again

Recently a client came to us with a problem. They have a big staff team and a humming business but their rank in google was drastically hit with a recent algorithm update. In fact, their site had dropped from #1 to below #70 putting a massive hole in their organic (free search) traffic.

This left them reliant on their paid ads and became expensive quickly plus typically ad customers are spend less time on site and become customers less regularly than search acquired visitors. Now the reason behind the drop in rankings was quickly traced to some poor SEO practice by a previous contractor so we set about the usual tactics of cleaning up the link profile. Unfortunately, street wisdom says that can take somewhere between forever and and an eternity to make a difference and we cannot wait!

Our Solution

Well we actually have a few … the long term solution is to continue improving the backlink profile, having links removed and disavowing them as a last resort, but the short term solutions include creating a new website for the client at a brand new domain and promoting that site too.

Check out the new site at premier landscaping brisbane.

We hope that the new site will be unhindered and as we work on the SEO for it, we should see ranking for it too. Eventually the hope is we could end up with 2 sites in the top 10 for the same business and then decide whether we niche one off or maintain double traffic.


Well its only been 10 days but the old site is still #72 and the new site is already #15! Wish us luck as we try to undo the old strategies of the previous contractor 🙂


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