How to grow a highly-engaged community

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Are you growing a community or just talking about yourself?

If you manage social media accounts for your business, take a few seconds to think about these questions:

How often are you posting about your product or service?

How often are you asking your followers questions that show you’re interested in them and their lives?

How do you decide on the content you’re posting? Do you have a plan?

Given your answers, do you think you’re really growing a community, or just talking a lot about yourself or your product or service?

Community:  Having a successful social media presence requires more than just randomly posting about how great your product or service is, or telling people about special offers or what you or your business are up to.  Social Media is about providing people with another avenue for connection and community – bringing people with similar interests, ideas and passions together to share with each other and interact.

Strategy:  It’s not uncommon for those new to using social media for business to ask questions along the lines of “But isn’t social media supposed to be real-time and responsive?  How much strategy can you really have?”  The reality is that Social Media can be an incredibly powerful avenue for your business to grow – not just to increase business, but also for customer feedback, marketing and promotion and innovation, among other things.  But like any aspect of your business you need to have a plan, targets and understand (and use!) the metrics that are available to track, manage and refine your strategy as you progress.

When you get these two things right, you can grow a highly-engaged community connected with you and your brand, and importantly, a community that has a sense of connection with each other.   When you consider that consumers are 71% more likely to make a purchase based on social media referrals (Hubspot), it starts to become clear why it’s so important to grow a real, connected community, rather than treat your social media presence as an online billboard for your company.

samSam Shazzam, Co-Founder of Good Funny Smart was recently interviewed by the Australian Businesswomen’s Network on how to build an engaged community on facebook.  You can listen to the full interview here.

If you’d like help with your social media strategy, contact us here.  We live, breathe and love this stuff.

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