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We are working with business and organisations every day who are trying to improve the number of FREE visitors to their sites through high organic search results. So what can you do to improve that? Well the truth is that the game keeps changing and like the Coke formula … no one really knows the exact ingredients in the Google or Bing algorithms.

Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) Tips

Using the Google Keyword Tool you can discover what keywords your potential customers are looking for and also how competitive the rankings are.  You can take these keywords and use them on your site to improve your rankings.

Tip:  When searching for keywords to use you might be best to go for ‘niche’ search terms that have a high numbers of monthly searches but low to medium competition.

The best use of your time is to include these keywords in your headers, site content, image alt tags, page titles and the url if possible. Another super important factor is the number of other sites linking to your site and you may be able to ask other non-competing businesses to swap links to each others sites.

Other link strategies include business directories, news sites, social media and more.


Allbrand Caravan Repairs   Service in BrisbaneAll Brand Caravan Services and Repairs in Brisbane   We repair all caravan and campers as well as servicing. Based in Brisbane on the Northside we offer professional and fri (Mobile)We are working on a site at the moment who want to rank for the keywords ‘caravan repairs brisbane‘ … we know that the words ‘caravan repairs’ would be good too but its a search that Google returns very locally anyway. Our strategy has included careful optimisation of the home page to include all of those keywords, registering the site with Google’s Webmaster Tools and some active listing of the business into directories of local and relevant businesses.

Finally we are adding new content regularly and linking from their social media pages as well.

And it works … we are seeing traffic building consistently and the rankings are slowly but consistently improving to the point where the y popped to #1 recently … it has since fluctuated between #1 and #3 … but we a will continue our work!

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