Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing

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Little Shoppers   Buy organic Bamboo Nappies, wipes and baby clothesLittle ShoppersSometimes we do so many things that we lose focus. In business one of the key success factors is delivering what customers want … with service and value. 

We regularly work on sites who have successful products and services that are in high demand but over time catalogues expand and the reach grows until they end up becoming so broad that they lose track of those killer lines that brought in the profits. When we work on social marketing we suggest choosing 1 killer offer and promoting it hard. Our experience is that works much better than amazing offers across a range.

SEO is the same. Spend time to define your buying customers, their needs and wants, and focus your attention to deliver value to them. Optimise your site for those searches that lead to sales of the best products and services.

We recently began working in partnership with a great business Little Shoppers who sell natural disposable nappies made with renewable bamboo (awesome!). They have a great client base and an active eBay store but their site did not rank well for their core product bamboo nappies and wipes. Their brand was well optimised as were some other longer tail keywords so our first mission is to re-focus the optimisation to their killer product lines. We want the main thing to be clear to visitors and to search engines.


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