Which Keywords to Target First?

 In Marketing, SEO

We often take on the mission of improving organic search traffic and the first question is always, which keywords to target. We do all of the normal market analysis and compare average searches with competition in the marketplace and choose some ripe, high traffic targets … BUT …I always recommend some really simple broad keywords with local qualifiers … for example the suburb or city of the business.

Sure we would love to be #1 for Brisbane Dentist for example … but first lets own our own suburb … then the part of the city and eventually, yeah lets roll the competition for the whole area.

We are currently employing this strategy for a local dentist … Sure Dental have clients from all over the city but when we began they were not on the front page for their suburb.

We will change that by optimising for the name of the suburb and the city together until they are #1 for dentist Wavell Heights and hopefully eventually dentist brisbane.

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