Why you need to love your likers

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Sunday MailLove your likers

One of the biggest social media mistakes that businesses can make is thinking about their SM accounts as just online billboards.  The fact is that people engage with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for connection, and if your business or brand is simply filling people’s news feeds with ads for your product or service, sooner or later (and probably sooner), they’re going to stop following you altogether.  And at that point you haven’t just lost a liker; you’ve lost a potential customer, advocate, improvement innovator, collaborator and social marketer for your business.  As people, we want to know what our friends and people we admire are eating, buying, wearing, where they’re going, what they’re listening to, what they care about and what cracks them up.  And you need to care about those same things when it comes to your likers.

On the School Mum facebook page we are constantly asking our community for their input, so we can learn from them and also help them learn from each other.  Last week, we asked a simple question about the funniest items their kids had wanted to take to school for Show and Tell.  The responses were fast and hilarious, and caught the attention of The Sunday Mail, who used the post in an article which also profiled The School Mum page. More great exposure for School Mum and another example of how keeping your social media social pays off!

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