Social Media Tips for Business – How Can I Help?

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Be prepared!

Be prepared!

When managing Social Media for a business there is one main question you need to answer ….. How Can I Help??

What tends to happen for most businesses is they go straight to the ‘what do I want people to buy or know about my business’ question.  There is so much going on in a person’s social media newsfeed, that in order for you to STAND OUT you have to be interesting and of value.  You are competing with their closest friends, family and interests.  Why should they care about what you have to say over people who they care most about in life?

Your followers will care about what have to say if you are helpful.  We are all essentially selfish at heart (harsh but true) and we want to know what is in it for us.  If all that you post on your social media is buy this or buy that then people will switch off.  It is social media NOT a broadcasting advertising media.  People are not on social media looking to buy things. They are on social media looking to be entertained.  If you can help people they will help you out of their gratitude for your help.

How do I do this I hear you say??

An example of this idea is a cosmetics company I have been working with.  Instead of just posting about new products they have for people to purchase, they also post tips and tricks on how to apply makeup, examples of great colour combinations to use, inspiring examples of makeup done right and funny examples of makeup done wrong.  It is entertaining AND useful plus in and amongst their helpful postings they also promote new products and services.

This is why it is important to have a clear social media strategy rather than just posting randomly with no specific plan.  Feel free to contact us if you feel like you need a plan because that is our job ….. helping make your social media awesome!!

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