Starting Over

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marketing2Sometimes its just easier to begin again. Especially when a previous SEO consultant has gone so far down the black-hat rabbit warren that its hard to find you way back.

We recently picked up a project with a local business who had been using a super active business to help boost their Google search rankings … and it was working brilliantly … until it wasn’t ANYMORE!

Then as their home page completely dropped from the top100 serarch results overnight almost, enquiries dropped off from that avenue and while the business was strong locally from other sources, it had to be fixed.

We spent 2 weeks doing all the right things and the n decided again that it will be quicker to start again with a new site. We aren’t sitting back and relaxing on the existing site but for a few weeks our focus will go to a brand new site for the business. New URL and site, new keyword focus and some white-hat content strategies that will offer value to the end user. Its a chance to clean up the image and hopefully gain some free organic traffic again.

Check out our efforts at Malibu Pool who are pool builders in Brisbane. 

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