Targeting Super Niches

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Multipurpose_Ins_5285a87cd26b2_175x200The internet has made thousands of new businesses possible and viable. We can source ingredients/components from all over the globe and we can find unique customers all over the globe who together form a viable customer base.

One of the big challenges is how to identify the niches and inform your potential customers of your existence and your ability to meet their needs.

Take for example a great QLD business Petway Petcare. They sell awesome organic pet products and they know that their products are well received by discerning pet owners and pet wash businesses. A quick SEO audit showed though that the searches in Google for ‘organic pet shampoo’ or ‘organic dog shampoo’ etc were below the normal limits that we recommend are worth targeting.

But in this case, we still went after even that little bit of traffic. People with specific interests tend to find each other and so word of mouth is extremely valuable. Once they find a great product they are likely to stick with it and tell their friends so even less than 10 searches a month in your territory might well produce good long term sales. We did however have to also broaden our approaches.

Social media is a great place to connect with niche groups too as they have already found each other you can be sure. We promoted heavily through large existing communities and ran a competition also with a like-gate to build Petway’s community from from under 500 to around 800.

Other ideas for targeting niches include finding forums and doing daily searches for questions including your keywords, searching for clubs and association sites and of course advertising on those specific communities and or general platforms like facebook and google.

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