Big Family Little Income

Bruce is a 50 year old father of seven children, all of whom provide him with endless amusement and frustration…  frequently at the same time.  He shares his humorous take on life with a big family, along with recipes, DIY and activities with the kids.  He is the leading male parenting blogger in Australia.


  • In the best tradition of Australia’s Got Talent, The Voice and Popstars, after heats and a series of finals Bruce won the first annual Jockey Idol at the local Jockey Club Hotel by donning sunglasses and a hardhat then tearing open his shirt and belting out YMCA. It was a beautiful thing. In a possibly related incident, YMCA has now been removed from song choices for future entrants.
  • Bruce has recently published his first actual fiction story on the blog, Worst Camping Trip Ever. It’s a chapter book for primary schoolers and he’s chuffed people have finally read it. He wrote it before he started the blog. “Good things come to those who wait…or procrastinate a lot,” he said.
  • Bruce and his wife have just celebrated four years of not expecting another baby. They’re very excited and hoping their string of good months continues well into the future. Especially now they’ve sold the cot.


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