Paging Fun Mums

We are Jenni & Louise, founders and owners of Paging Fun Mums.

You know those mothers who spend way too much time on their kids Easter bonnet? The ones who keep a ‘rainy day’ stash of glue sticks and pipe cleaners right next to the egg cartons they hoard like nobody’s business? Well, that’s us!

We are two craft-loving, play dough-making mums who want our kids to look back on their childhood years and say “wow, we had fun!” Plus, we are addicted to craft. There’s also that.

We believe that kids learn through play and what better way to learn than with super fun craft activities, right?

Our audience is always interested in hearing about the newest, latest, best and helpful Mum products that are aimed at families. Some of our most popular content is sponsored by likeminded brands.



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