When Sam’s eldest daughter was just about to start school she decided to document her journey as a school mum via a blog in the hope of connecting with other mums starting out the same journey.

With a background in community development, youth work and social media this little blog went from nothing to over 360,000 facebook followers and over 150,000 unique visitors in just over 18 months. School Mum has become the hub of all things school related. The blog is not about experts it is about stories. Stories of school mums and their experiences working out school life, their child’s development and all the crazy busyness that comes with that.


  • Appeared on Studio 10 Morning breakfast TV show, A Current Affair,
  • Grew to over 200,000 Facebook followers in 18 months
  • Having done radio numerous times for ABC 612, 2UE, and Radio National 621
  • Appears regularly in many national newspapers


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