The Social Media Maze – How to Establish and Maintain an Online Presence

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Social Media is like a maze.  There are so many paths you can take and most of the time you have no idea which way to go.  The most important thing for both start up and established businesses attempting to move online is getting your online marketing strategies right so you don’t have to waste hours getting little or no results.  When you do it right it can really work for your business.

Establishing and maintaining an online community is about good strategy and a clear understanding of your target market.

This includes knowing:

  • Who are you target market,
  • Which social media do they use,
  • Why are they using that social media,
  • How can I help them,
  • How can they help me.

If you can answer these questions and spend a little time working on your business instead of in it you are well on your way to a thriving social media network spreading the great work you do for your customers.  If you can do this then you will reap the reward of new customers and continued loyalty from your fans.

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