Using Social to Leverage Traditional Media

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One of our clients has a spot on a free-to-air TV show this week and so we wanted to maximise the benefit by using their other marketing channels. See if you agree with us or have any more suggestions:


  1. Social Media promotion of the episode with posts a week and day before

  2. Setup twitter

  3. Find out if show uses a hashtag

  4. Sliders for site promoting the show/time/channel – use a photo from the client

  5. Setup a Google+ page

  6. Setup a Youtube channel



  1. Paid Ads offering 10% discount on facebook / promoted post ($30-40)

  2. Post reminding to watch 30 mins before

  3. Post – question re the show during show

  4. Tweets with show hashtag



  1. Staff member online right after the show to answer any questions

  2. New website slider – did you see us on TV!

  3. Video loaded to website as soon as possible

  4. Video link shared on social media

  5. Video shared directly on social too (more reach?)
  6. Add Video to youtube channel for the future

The show airs on Wednesday 12 February on 7TWO or it will be posted later too on the home of building design brisbane – Jamin Building Design

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