When Website Improvements Damage SEO

 In General

We have recently had 3 cases of businesses updating their websites to better serve their customer but in the process, fundamental changes were made which either damages or totally destroyed their search result placements in Google and Bing.

SEO Mistakes

  • In one case the business removed keywords from the headings on the page and replaced them with words that made better sense in some cases but did not include the target SEO keywords. This Brisbane pool builder is now climbing back to the top and seeing improving traffic as a result.
  • Another site switched their site address from www.xyz.com to just xyz.com which to a search engine is a brand new site. That dropped them from the front page to page 5 and obliterated their web traffic
  • Yet another well meaning business changes their URLs for key products and information pages inadvertently

Almost every website re-build I encounter forgets to consider SEO enough in all of the ways it could be influenced. Sure you can avoid the big ones but be sure to involve your SEO manager in the process all the way along. Particularly in the actual change-over process. After a little attention we were able to quickly rectify all of the above glitches.


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