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Building traffic is a great goal on any website … afterall that is why it exists right! But equally important to the sheer number of visits is the nature of the leads. Every marketer knows that you want the right people in the phase of the buying cycle where they are ready to purchase.

One step towards this is cho0sing the correct keywords to target based not just on search volume, but the semantic nature of those searches.  Searches including key commercial words like ‘BUY’, ‘SALE’ or ‘CHEAP’ can indicate the phase that the searcher is in. They are far less likely to be researching or learning and more likely to be fishing for a deal.

Similarly, the page title and description can be targeted to those searchers with words that lift you above the competition regardless of search ranking on the page. We strategically use words like BEST, DEAL, SPECIALS etc for that reason. While I use caps here for clarity, we are very selective with our use on the pages. Having said that we do use them for drawing attention sometimes …


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Check out one of our recent clients targeting the very competitive solar power market in Brisbane!



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