Connecting to your Community’s Heartbeat

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Posting about existing community dates, events and causes is an easy way to foster post engagement and also to potentially get the elusive shares that will promote your page.

gfs00533A quick search of some local blogs, pages and community forums will give you endless ideas of posts that you can add to your page to promote and support existing causes. These could include:

  • events (both online and real life)
  • special awareness day
  • fundraising projects
  • special offers
  • free resources
  • grants

Using a mixture of text and image posts you can simply promote these to your community and add emphasis to increase connection. Good Funny Smart will be offering a FREE image most weeks for our social media followers to take and use to create engagement. We will choose general causes and events to promote for maximum appeal but you can also be more selective for your people or communities.

Case Study

gfs00532Last week there was a national day against bullying and violence advertised through general media so we decided to create a simple image to promote the day. We took the first person position with a large “I SUPPORT” at the top of the image to encourage people to OWN the cause and hopefully encourage shares. We also included our URL as a branding tag.

The result was that 925 (and counting) people shared the image to their entire facebook networks resulting in over 85 000 views. That is both excellent to support a great cause, and very good free promotion for our relatively new business. It created amazing engagement for countless pages.

For online workshops with more great social tips, visit our social media training page.

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