Increasing Conversion of Traffic to Customers

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From the ‘bleeding obvious’ category, one of the simplest mistakes that we see business websites make in their marketing and design is to simply not have a clear call to action on the page. Of course, before you can aim to improve conversion rates, you have to first decide what it is that you want site visitors to do. Is it a call, email, buying a particular product or service?

Once you know, then you can begin to design the landing page to funnel people toward the action which means making it prominent and clear. Its also important to check that the action displays and functions well on mobile as phone traffic continues to increase.

Phone numbers at the top of a page can be directly clickable from many phone browsers. We recently added extra occurances of the phone number for a local business … some in page text (clickable) and others in large fonts as images.

Yo ucan see some examples at this autoelectical in Sandgate, Brisbane.

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